Toolkit for Information Security Risk Assessment of Service Provider

TP1 — Fire

TP2 — Water damage

TP3 — Contamination

TP4 — Destruction of CNS equipment or media

TN1 — Climatic

TN2 — phenomena

TN3 — Seismic phenomena

TN4 — Volcanic phenomena

TN5 -Meteorological phenomena

TI1 — Failure of air conditioning or water supply systems of ATS, CNS units

TI2 — Power loss

TI3 — Failure of telecommunication equipment

TL1 — Intercept and send a compromising signal
remote espionage

TL2  -Theft of media or documents

TL3  -Theft of CNS equipment

TL4  — Interference with the hardware of the CNS equipment

TL5  -Intervention in the software of CNS equipment 

TF1 — Failure of CNS equipment

TF2 — Failure of hardware of CNS equipment

TF3 -CNS equipment software failure

TU1 — Unauthorized use of CNS equipment

TU2 — Distortion of ATS data

TU3 -Illegal processing of data on AIE